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Sis. Sherry A. Blackstone

Anne Arundel County Unit President

Welcome to the ICUA of Maryland, Anne Arundel County Unit!

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Anne Arundel Unit Important Documents

Anne Arundel County Unit Officers

Executive Officers


Sherry A. Blackstone


1st  Vice President

Andrew C. Williams


2nd Vice President

Brandon Green

3rd Vice President

Willie Strait, Jr. 

Recording Secretary 

Colleen Moon

Financial Secretary

Tina Brown


Rosalind Moore


Romcesa Estep

Assistant Chaplain

Carrie Lindsey

Board of Directors


Naomi Morgan


Board Member

Marie Hendricks 


Board Member

Cynthia Hicks

Board Member

Eugene Hogue

Board Member

Helen Jones

Board Member

Renae Strait

Board Member

Louis Parker

Board Member

Herbert Stevenson 


Bernice Fisher

Wyseola Sellman

Sharita Holland

Mary Holland


School of Ushering

Linda Parker


Mary McClenon Alumni

Julia A. Kitchen



Herbert Stevenson

Doorkeeper/Public Relations

Rosalind Moore


Tina Brown

Henry Sorrell Nurses

Helen Harris 

General Chairperson

Tanya Cooper-Johnson 

Alverta E. Darden Education

Alverta E. Darden



Eugene Hogue

Historical/President Council

Carrie Lindsey


Sue Bradshaw-Shelton


Alice Wilson

Men's Fellowship

Erick M. Beavers, Sr./Andrew C. Williams

William H. Davis

Genevieve Hale

Junior & Young People Supervisor

Cynthia Hicks

Junior & Young People Assistant Supervisor

Colleen Moon

Junior President

Dae'Vionna Leonard

Junior Vice President

Brittney Spurlock

Junior Secretary

Theo Gray


Pierre Mackall

Junior Officers


Dae' Vonna Leonard


Vice President

Brittney Spurlock


Theo Gray


Pierre Mackall 

Brief History of Anne Arundel County Unit

Anne Arundel County Unit of The Interdenominational Church Ushers Association Inc. The object of this organization shall be a united effort toward inspiring and motivation Pastors, Ushers, and Congregation to see the high importance of excellence among ushers to the level of a “Ministry” instead of job in local churches. Thank God for yesterday’s blessing, ask God for today’s guidance, and trust God for tomorrow strength:

Past Presidents of Anne Arundel County Unit:

Usher Blanche Monroe – January 1950 to December 1951.

Usher Charles Turner – January 1952 to December 1954.

Usher Verdella White – January 1955 to 1957. There is a legacy in the name of Verdella White Scholarship. As you can see we have come this far by Faith.

Usher Aliceteen Wade – Re-Organize, Anne Arundel County Unit November 1979 to November 1986. She serve the offices, Nurses, Youth Supervise, move the State as President of Maryland 1986 to 1991. Serve on the Board of Directors in the County.

Usher Walter V. Nick – Serve November 1986 to November 1988. He serve as Board of Director’s Chairperson of the School, nominations, serve as National Chairman to the School of Ushering. He went on to be State President of Maryland also Alumni for the County.

Usher Marguerite Askew Kirkland – Serve November 1988 to November 1990. She also serve as the Board of Director Chair, nominating, General Chairperson, she also serve 2 terms as State of Maryland President.

Usher Inez Thomas – Serve November 1990-November 1992. She also serve as Chairperson, Youth Supervisor, Chair of Nurses, Board of Directors and Chair of transportation.

Usher Ernestine McCready – Serve November 1992 – to November 1994. She serve as Chairperson to School of Ushering in the Stater and County and Alumni. She also serve as County Historian. She was assist Dean to the County School.

Usher Gloristine D. Neal-Nick – Serve November 1994 to November 1996. She serve as General Chairperson, Treasurer to the State of Maryland. She also serve as County Recording Secretary.

Usher Genevieve Hale – Serve November 1996 to November 1998. She serve as Chairperson for William H. Davis, Vice President, State, County, and Nomination, Public Relations for Eastern Region, State of Maryland and County. She also serve as State Treasurer, on the Board of Directors.

Usher Dewayne Salisbury – Serve November 1998 to November 2002 – Serve on the Board of Directors, transportation, Board of Trustees and Marshall.

Usher Carrie L. Lindsey – Serve November 2002 to 2006. She also Chairperson Historical/ President Council, Vice Presidents, assistant to the Youth department, also serve State Historical Society, Board of Trustees.

Usher Cynthia Hicks – Serve November 2006 to November 2008.Serve as Board of Director Chairperson. Youth Supervisor, Vice President, Board of Trustees move to the State as President.

Usher Keith Staton – Serve November 2008 to November 2010 .Serve as Vice President, Building Committee for the State of Board of Trustees, Support our County Jrs. to National as Drill Team.

Usher Eugene Hogue – Serve November 2010 to November 2014. Serve as Chairperson, Board of Directors, Vice President, State and County, Eastern Region Sergeant at Arms, Board of Election, transportation, Board of Trustees. He was Honor by Eastern Region, Nominations.

Usher Louis Parker – Serve November 2014 to November 2018. He serve on Board of Directors, Men’s Fellowship, Chairperson Marion L. Harris Chorus, Chair of the Board of Trustees for the State of Maryland, He also serve as National Chaplain, He sing on the National Chorus. He also a member of National Board of Directors.

Usher Sherry A. Blackstone – Serve November 2018 – Still in Office as County President, serve as Board of Director Chair, State Board of Trustees, she also serve as Chairperson for Credentials for State of Maryland and Eastern Regional Chair, Doorkeeper, Newsletter, She also sing on the Maryland Choir, also she serve as assistant Treasurer for State Maryland, serve as secretary for County also serve Vice President 1st and 2nd.

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